Fun, personal entertainment on the go! Investor Conference Call Listen to HandHeld entertainment CEO Jeff Oscodar and CFO Bill Bush. Investor Call Nov 14, 2006 HandHeld entertainment creates products and services that deliver fun, entertaining digital media for people on the go. Movies, music and photos can all be played, viewed and enjoyed on HandHeld's first ground-breaking media product, the ZVUE media player. Located in downtown San Francisco, HandHeld has quickly become a leader in the affordable handheld digital entertainment market, being the first to put a mass-market-priced, portable media player into the hands of consumers. From great devices to great content, consumers can experience entertaining digital media on the go through the ZVUE line of digital media players. Formed in February 2003, HandHeld entertainment has developed a complete end-to-end solution and entertainment experience for the portable digital media industry. The first ZVUE personal media player allows users to access digital media on the go, including high-quality video content, music and digital photos. ZVUE users can now download thousands of media titles and learn about the latest portable media trends via ZVUE.com.

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